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Effective April 1, 2009, the Atlanta chapter of the IHRIM Association became its own legal entity, formally known as IHRIM ATLANTA. While still closely affiliated with the IHRIM Association, IHRIM Atlanta will have more flexibility in its governance, educational programs, as well as other activities in which the group wants to engage in.

What does this mean to IHRIM Atlanta members? More choice locally! Members can also join the local organization (IHRIM Atlanta/SE), the national organization (IHRIM Association) or both.

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Formed in 1980 from informal gatherings when HR and IT professionals found themselves needing mediators, IHRIM has become the world’s leading clearinghouse for the HRIM (Human Resource Information Management) industry. Today, IHRIM is a community of experts – a dynamic group of practitioners, vendors, consultants, students, and faculty that continues to grow, not just in numbers, but in its scope of knowledge and information.

Each IHRIM event, publication, product or service supports its mission to be the leading professional association for knowledge, education and solutions supporting human capital management.

To meet the needs of our members and the HRMS industry, IHRIM provides: •An annual conference and technology exposition •Timely periodicals and e-newsletters •Top-notch educational courses - online, in person and in-house •Affinity Group membership and events •A cornucopia of online resources, research and articles •Unparalleled books and guides •Excellent networking and leadership opportunities

And much, much more!